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The Bishop has retired - Sainthood.com is For Sale!

Sainthood.com: $5,115

HaloEffects.com: $2,699

MyGreatPet.com: $1,823

MySpecialAngel.com: $1,346

Total: $10,983

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Halo Effects, Inc.

PO Box 3081

6444 San Fernando Road

Glendale, CA 91201-5079

(818) 233-0262

Contact: Bob Schmitt (818)233-0262, bob@archive-tech.com

Sainthood for All Seasons!

Our artists are preparing for the holiday seasons; Sainthood.com and its related web sites are the easiest place for cyber shoppers to take advantage of special seasonal prices for Cyber Shrines and Proclamations of Sainthood.

Because the personalized products of Sainthood.com require careful work by a graphics artist to turn a "nominee's" photograph into a Cyber Saint, customers of this unique gift service are encouraged to put our "elves" to work EARLY so we can accommodate all holiday gifts - or any other special occasion you may be celebrating!

Watch for special pre-holiday prices for Cyber Shrines and Proclamations of Sainthood on the Sainthood.com website

Sainthood in the Midwest!

A great press release from Paulina Krycinski, N.Y. Times, was picked up by several media sources and we received a note a clipping from Dave Duricy:

I was surprised and amused this afternoon (March 13, 2002) to read about Sainthood.com in the Tempo section of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

St-Cincinatti.jpg (307291 bytes)

Click image for full-sized clipping

War buddies reunite to form Internet company

Toluca Lake, California - More than 40 years ago, Captain George Proudfoot and 1st Lieutenant Bob Schmitt were "Apple Flight" in VMFA-314, sharing the cockpit of a Marine F-4 Phantom jet flying combat missions over Viet Nam. They recently joined forces again to create Halo Effects, Inc. Today they announced the launch of their Web site Sainthood.com. The site provides individuals with a unique way to recognize someone - by nominating them for Cyber Sainthood!

"Let's face it, becoming a real saint is just too difficult for people of average (even above average) goodness." said Proudfoot, "If Mother Theresa is still waiting, what chance do the rest of us have? Sainthood.com was created to make it possible for the saint in your life to get immediate recognition."

At Sainthood.com, you nominate a friend or relative by supplying a "saint name", what he or she is a "Patron Saint of..." and your reasons the person deserves this honor. After an order is complete, the new "Cyber Saint" will receive either a Proclamation of Sainthood certificate or a link to their personal Cyber Shrine (or both). 

The resulting Proclamation of Sainthood certificate and Cyber Shrine show the Cyber Saint's name, the citation, and the Cyber Saint's feast day, so it can be properly celebrated each year! If the customer sends a photo of the new saint by e-mail or regular mail, the photo (and halo!) appear on the shrine and certificate. This is a beautiful, highly personalized form of recognition and appreciation and a wonderful gift for all occasions.

One of the early Cyber Saints, St. Page of Lochmere, said: "Being made a saint was truly amazing. I have my Proclamation of Sainthood certificate hanging in my office and I insist my friends use my "proper title" when referring to me now."

Sainthood recognition is a wonderful gift for a birthday, or other special occasion. Sainthood Certificates start at $24.99, and Cyber Shrines at $9.95. Although Sainthood.com is set up primarily for on-line ordering through a secure Internet site, orders can also be made by phone, fax, or mail.

The two founders of the company had gone their separate ways after the Marine Corps, but decided to start the business when Schmitt got the idea for the company after an impulsive promise to a friend who "was a real saint." He recalls, "I promised her I'd log on to the Vatican's web site to recognize her 'saintly' patience with my car hobby, but the Vatican wasn't taking orders for on-line canonization. I then realized we could offer something unique on the Internet that would be both fun and special."

Halo Effects is started in Toluca Lake, a Los Angeles neighborhood adjacent to Burbank between the Warner Brother's and Universal Pictures studios.  It's known as "The Village" to its residents, which have included Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Amelia Earhart and Jonathan Winters over its history.

Visit the Website at www.sainthood.com to get more information, or contact Bob Schmitt at (818) 233-0262, bob.schmitt@sainthood.com

Sainthood.com Celebrates Saint Patrick's Day!

How DO people celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Marching in a parade?  Hanging out in an Irish saloon?  Going to the neighborhood hang-out and drinking green beer?

Sure, these all may be traditional methods to celebrate, but why not try something new for this St. Paddy's Day - make a friend - or yourself - a Saint!   As one of our Cyber Saints wrote:

"The plaque of sainthood is beautiful. The website (shrine) is hysterical.  I've already emailed lots of friends so they can pray at my altar and ask for blessings and miracles.

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift. Let me know when you need something healed."

Sainthood.com Mother's & Fathers Day and Graduates Specials Appear on eBay

Because of great popularity last year, Halo Effects again will be placing "Cyber Sainthoods" as Deluxe Combo Cyber Shrines and Proclamations of Sainthood on the eBay auction web site through June.  Last year, eBay
opened up an entirely new set of customers for the novelty business, including one from Australia! 

Halo Effects spread the word about the wonders of Cyber Sainthood as Deluxe Combo Cyber Shrines and Proclamations of Sainthood were offered on the auction web site for a limited period.  This opened up an entirely new set of customers for the novelty business, including one from Australia!

The LA Weekly Agrees - We're 'Holier Than Thou'!

January 13, 2000

In an article "Holier Than Thou - Bringing Sainthood Down to Earth" by David Ulin, Sainthood.com finally learns more about its own web service than any business analyst could have ever discerned:

...with Sainthood.com, the saints we recognize are ourselves. That's a key development, for it suggests a way for us to move, finally, beyond our heroes or, at least, to put them in their place. I don't mean that having a cybershrine actually changes us, my saintly Christmas to the contrary, although I'd have to do a survey of the blessed to be sure. But what I do believe is that it's only fitting, as we stumble into the new millennium, to have found a model for becoming our own saints here on Earth.

We would take Mr. Ulin on board as our resident theologian/philosopher any day, if we could afford him!

A Great Last-Minute Gift as Pre-Holiday Sale ends!

Early cyber shoppers were able to take advantage of special pre-holiday prices for Cyber Shrines and Proclamations of Sainthood.

Because the personalized products of Sainthood.com require careful work by a graphics artist to turn an ordinary nominee's photograph into a Cyber Saint, the directors of this unique gift service are planning to increase these staff services to accommodate last-minute holiday gifts - Christmas, the Millennium or anything else you may be celebrating!  But before Halo Effects incurs these increased artistic costs, Bob Schmitt and George Proudfoot are encouraging their customers - both old and new - to place their orders early and help keep costs down!

Bob and George have announced that all Sainthood.com products - generic and personalized Cyber Shrines and Proclamations of Sainthood will have 30% off the regular price, effective immediately through
May 31. This special discount will be taken on the total amount of each order and an e-mail confirming each order will show the reduced total price to be charged.

Sainthood.com will be filling orders through Christmas with a quick response after this sale is over.  Customers ordering a "standard" Cyber Shrine (with St. Cyber's picture) can expect gift notification will be sent within 2 hours of the order.  Custom Cyber Shrines, with the recipient's halo'ed icon, should be filled within 4 hours.  This response goal may vary, depending on the order backlog for the Bishop's clerks.  Customers can order the "standard" Cyber Shrine and send a photo by e-mail at any time for a shrine upgrade!

Bosses and Grandparents Become Cyber Saints!

The two Vietnam vet Marine Corps flyers who created a minor buzz on talk radio earlier this year when they opened "Sainthood.com" confirmed they will be fully staffed to fill last-minute gifts for both Grandparents Day on September 12 and Bosses' Day on October 16.

Bob Schmitt said "We've been surprised by the profile of our customers to date - we expected our Cyber Shrines would appeal to a young and hip 'Net Generation', but most of the Proclamations of Sainthood certificates and Cyber Shrines have been gifts for parents and grandparents. We've heard it's hard to find a unique, but thoughtful gift - our mature 'Cyber Saints' have received flowers, candy, and gadgets over and over through the years.  We're glad to help 'our' generation!" 

Our "Proclamation of Sainthood" certificate is surprisingly more popular than the Cyber Shrine, perhaps because you don't need a computer to enjoy it!"

Sainthood.Com Opens on the Airwaves!

June 30, 1999

Just a few days after its first press release, Wireless Flash, Oklahoma City (KJYO), Denver (KBCO), Wilkes-Barre (WBHT), Boise (KJOT), San Francisco (KFOG), San Jose (KFOX), Las Vegas (KTNV-TV), Anchorage (KMXS), Vancouver (CKNW), the CBS Network (KNX and others), Memphis (WKSL), Knoxville (WIVK) and Hobbs (NM, KHOB) were calling to see if Sainthood.com was a serious business!   Of course it's a business, but it's not that serious, except to recognize there may be a little saintly-ness in all of us!

What's Next for Halo Effects?

Cyber Saints are just the beginning and the former flyers of Apple Flight are working on more cyber-recognition projects, including a 3D Cyber Cathedral for the Cyber Shrines, inspired by Schmitt's visit to the recent SIGGRAPH convention:

"If your friends boast about their "home page", this is your opportunity to show a little frugal class - how can a mere web page compare with a Cyber Shrine?  But we realize Cyber Sainthood may not be exactly the right form of recognition for everyone, so check back with Halo Effects again - we think you'll like our ideas!"

Sainthood.com Products

Sainthood Proclamation Sample Proclamation of Sainthood Certificate

The "Proclamation of Sainthood" is a high-quality reproduction of an original work by artist Lynden Keith Johnson (Cupertino, CA) printed on parchment paper. It certifies the new Cyber Saint' status and can be optionally personalized with the saint's picture! This is a great gift or recognition award for someone special. A congratulatory letter from the First Cyber Church of the Millennium will be mailed with the certificate.  The Standard proclamation has a portrait of St. Cyber, painted by a Russian icon artist.

Special Photo Option

If you optionally supply a photo of your saint, we will sepia-tone it and put a halo on the new Cyber Saint's picture. The Cyber Saint's picture is then printed on the "Proclamation of Sainthood" certificate or appears on the Cyber Shrine.

Sample Cyber ShrineCyber Shrine

The Cyber Shrine is a replica of a shrine (designed and built by the same artist as the proclamation certificate) which you would find in an old church or temple, except it exists only in the First Cyber Church of the Millennium's "virtual cathedral". A congratulatory e-mail will provide the "keys" (URL address and password) to this private alcove only to the Cyber Saint. The Cyber Shrine can be viewed for one year and then can be renewed on the Cyber Saint's feast day! 


The Cyber Shrine and Proclamation of Sainthood certificate are personalized with:

  • The Cyber Saint's newly proclaimed name, for example, "Nikki of Van Nuys"
  • The saint's feast day - usually a birthday
  • The reasons for sainthood which you have supplied. The web site has examples.
  • An optional "Patron Saint of...." to recognize a special hobby or interest - such as "Patron Saint of Lawn Bowling"
  • The name of the person or group giving the Cyber Sainthood is featured in the congratulatory letter or e-mail.
  • The First Cyber Church of the Millennium will send the new Cyber Saint a congratulatory card on his or her feast day.

Cyber Sainthood Prices

Standard, with St. Cyber's Icon

in 11"x14" Frame

with Saint's Photo

with Saint's Photo, in Frame

Sainthood Proclamation Certificate





Cyber Shrine





Combo (Certificate and Cyber Shrine)





Prices do not include shipping.  All products shipped by USPS Priority Mail; add $4.00 for unframed certificates, $6.00 for framed certificates.  Orders may be placed through the Sainthood.com web site Secure Server and by mail, fax or phone.  PayPal accepted.

Halo Effects, Inc.

PO Box 3081

6444 San Fernando Road

Glendale, CA 91201-5079

(818) 233-0262